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Although it rarely happens, dates on the schedule can change.  
contact us by any means listed on the "Contact Info" page
before traveling any distance.



Last Updated 1/20/15

Jan 167:00 PMOver 40 Dance (Parish Hall)Tours
Jan 178:00 PMVFW Hall                                 Added 1/15Gatesville
Jan 227:00 PMSul Ross Dance ClubWaco
Jan 249:00 PMOasis Club                               Added 1/15Brownwood
Feb 209:00 PMAmerican Legion HallGatesville    
Feb 219:00 PMOasis Club                               Added 1/15Brownwood
Feb 279:00 PMBo’s BarnTemple/Belton
Feb 28TBAH.O.T. Chili Fest                      Added 1/15Waco
Mar 127:00 PMSul Ross Dance ClubWaco
Mar 138:00 PMVFW Hall                                  Added 1/20Gatesville
Mar 209:00 PMAmerican Legion HallGatesville    
Mar 217:30 PMAg Boosters Spring Fundraiser Added 1/15Penelope
Apr 167:00 PMSul Ross Dance ClubWaco
Apr 179:00 PMAmerican Legion HallGatesville    
Apr 189:00 PMOasis Club                               Added 1/15Brownwood
Apr 249:00 PMBo’s BarnTemple/Belton
May 98:00 PMVFW Hall                                  Added 1/20Gatesville
May 217:00 PMSul Ross Dance ClubWaco
Jun 138:00 PMVFW Hall                                  Added 1/20Gatesville
Jun 197:00 PMOver 40 Dance (Parish Hall)Tours
July 27:00 PMSul Ross Dance ClubWaco
July 39:00 PMBo’s BarnTemple/Belton
Aug 67:00 PMSul Ross Dance ClubWaco
Aug 157:00 PMWedding DanceGranger
Sept 49:00 PMBo’s BarnTemple/Belton
Sept 137:00 PMSun City Dance Club              Added 1/15Georgetown
Oct 17:00 PMSul Ross Dance ClubWaco
Oct 167:00 PMOver 40 Dance (Parish Hall)Tours
Oct 309:00 PMBo’s BarnTemple/Belton
Nov 127:00 PMSul Ross Dance ClubWaco
Nov 147:00 PMWedding Dance (Tenroc Ranch)Salado
Dec 189:00 PMBo’s BarnTemple/Belton